Le bureau d’investigation

What’s the connection between the Napoleon and the FBI? Jerôme Bonaparte was the spendthrift and impetuous youngest brother of Napoleon. While living in Baltimore Maryland, he married a young American woman. The Emperor refused to acknowledge the match and ordered his brother home. Jerôme tried to bring his pregnant wife with him, but she was denied admission to France. Napoleon made his brother the King of Westphalia and Baltimore didn’t seem as interesting. The abandoned woman gave birth to Jerôme Napoleon Bonaparte and raised him in the United States. His son was Charles Joseph Bonaparte, born on June 9, 1851.

United States Secretary of the Navy

The American Bonapartes were not recognized by the Emperor. Notwithstanding the cold shoulder, the family prospered. Charles graduated from Harvard University and then Harvard Law School. Theodore Roosevelt appointed him as Secretary of the Navy and then Attorney General. So the great-nephew of the French Emperor founded the Bureau of Investigation, le bureau d’investigation (luh bureau dan-ves-tee-ga-see-on), the precursor to the FBI, in 1908. He died on June 28, 1921.



Napoleon for Dummies

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