Un jour un sac

I like my initials just fine. I don’t need, or want, LV all over my bag. Don’t get me wrong; if a Hermès Kelly bag (red, please) or quilted Chanel shoulder bag (black, please) showed up in my mail box, I’d accept it with gratitude, but I don’t like bags plastered with logos. That’s one of the reasons I like Un jour un sac (uhn zjoor uhn sack), which means “a day a bag,” a company that allows me to create a bag that suits me and my day from interchangeable components. Their slogan is “Vous êtes unique, votre sac aussi,” which means “You are unique, your bag too.”

The idea is simple, fun, and creative. Select the bag shape and size you want in the color and material that you find pleasing. Then choose the strap – long for over the shoulder, short for hand-held – in the color and material that will complement the bag either by matching or contrasting with it. The straps attach easily to the silver grommets at the top of the bag. Then add accessories, like zippered pouches (that attach through the grommets and are held by the lobster-claw strap fasteners) to hold your sunglasses and keys handy. You’re done. You have a bag that fits your wardrobe, your life, your preferences, your own “it” bag that is probably different from anyone else’s.

But wait. You’re not done. Next season, next week, or tomorrow keep the bag, but switch the straps, or vice versa. Since the parts are interchangeable, you can mix and match the various pieces. I usually treat myself to one or two new components each summer. The straps I bought two years ago are like new; the bag I bought a year ago shows no wear at all, and this is despite heavy use, including lugging a laptop around.

The creator of the Un jour, un sac is François Rénier who has proudly made the bags in France for a decade now. His original idea was to produce bags that were just as high in quality as the other big names, but without the big price tag, and to make them fun. Rénier says, “This is not a bag; it is all the bags you can imagine. This is not an object; it is a game. This is not a fashion; it is a mind set.” He talks a lot about how the bag allows women to be creative instead of just being consumers of a fixed product.

Intrigued? There are two boutiques in Paris – one near the Presidential Palace in the 8th and one near the Hotel Lutèce in the 7th. (Click on the link above for the particulars.)  They’ve been closed for much of the month, but are due to re-open on August 26. If you won’t be in Paris, you can also shop on-line. Have fun!

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About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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3 Responses to Un jour un sac

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    I love this! As an avid bag collector/interchanger, this seems like a great idea!

  2. Cliff Gilbert says:

    I’m skeptical that these sacs can carry the full weight and girth of a 17 lb (7.2 kg) calico. How big is the cat in the photo?

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