Belle époque

originalHow’s your piggy bank doing? Getting full? Then you might want to invest in an apartment – well, a penthouse – that is going to be coming on the market in Monaco. Having just gotten back from the south of France, and having seen my students fall in love with Monaco, this story on the French news caught my ear.

The Odeon Tower is currently under construction in the principauté. When it’s finished, it will be the second tallest building on the coast. You’ll have relatively few neighbors in such a large building – 70 apartments between 1 and 6 bedrooms each, 2 duplexes, a 13,000 square foot penthouse, and the crowning glory, a 35,500 square foot penthouse. In other words, my home would fit inside it about 16 times. The most dramatic feature will be the infinity pool overlooking the sea with a marble water slide.

Million-Monaco-Mansion-PenthouseThe tower will be a fairly self-contained community, which is good because you may never want to leave. There will be saunas, spas, a concierge, a fleet of private limousines, and its own cinema. The big penthouse will have a separate entrance and its own full-time concierge. If you need housekeeping, dry cleaning, or valet services, you’ll just need to touch a screen in your apartment.

The architect, Italian Alexander Giraldi, specializes in belle époque (bell aypok) designs. The “beautiful era” refers to the period between 1871 and 1914 in Paris (after the Franco-Prussian war and prior to World War I) – a time of growth, optimism, and peace. You’ll need the present era to be a time of prosperity if your piggy bank is going to have enough for you to call the penthouse chez vous. When it’s available for sale in 2014, the price will be as much as $390 million U.S. dollars or (300 million Euros), which will make it the most expensive apartment in the world, per square foot.

517bl6BSY8L__SL75_Reproduction of 1937 Monaco Grand Prix poster

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Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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