La flânerie

IMG_2838This last day of our trip to Paris was entirely fortuitous. We had been booked to fly out that morning, but a strike necessitated that we fly out the next morning. Ah, shucks. An extra day in Paris.

Day 5

Very little is open in Paris on  Sunday, but most of what is open is in the Marais, so we stayed there. Weather-wise, it was our best day, with brilliant blue skies and some fall leaves still on the trees. We wandered the day away, mastering the art of la flânerie (lah flan-er-ee), or strolling about in a leisurely way.

I introduced my husband to the Village de St Paul neighborhood within the Marais. This small area is a honeycomb of small streets and squares filled with shops, galleries, and restaurants. It’s also the home to the largest fragment of the protective wall built by King Philippe Auguste from 1190 to 1213. Over 900 years old. Amazing.

affiche_eventail_cognacq_jayIn the morning, we went to the wonderful fan exhibit at the musée Cognacq-Jay. Of all the wonderful exhibits we saw, this was our favorite.


IMG_2842After the exhibit, we walked to Merci (111 boulevard Beaumarchais) for a light meal in the book-lined café. We both opted for boiled eggs with toast soldiers.  I picked up a few Christmas gifts among their ever-changing stock – but I can’t say more about that lest the intended recipients read the blog today!


After some more flânerie, we had dinner at a really terrific crêperieBreizh Café at 109 rue Vieille du Temple. The place was packed, but after a short wait we were able to take a spot one door down at L’Épicerie Breizh Café. This was a most satisfactory alternative. One large, square table in the center of the fine foods shop had seating for six. Seating on crates, that is. The atmosphere was much quieter than the main restaurant, which suited me very well. Our order was placed in the Épicerie but prepared next door and then carried to us. We loved our crêpes, so much so that we gobbled them up without remembering to snap a photo of them. Both of them were wonderful, but my husband’s was particularly good, with smoked duck, mushrooms, and Jerusalem artichokes as the main ingredients. A dessert crêpe followed, of course. After all, it was our last night in Paris.

It was a fabulous trip. As my husband kept saying, “Whose brilliant idea was this?” Yours, dear. How will you top it next year?

41rq+ZoHF+L__SL75_Rick Steves’ Paris 2014

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Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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