Une auberge

imageFor the trip I took to Quebec City in June, I stayed at the Auberge Place d’Armes (24 rue Sainte-Anne). As I was traveling with my parents for a special occasion, I wanted a suite that would accommodate the three of us in a little style and I wanted us to be right in the center of everything. The Auberge Place d’Armes fit the bill quite well.

Rue-du-Tresor-CustomFirst, there was the location. The hotel is just a few steps from the Château de Frontenac in the heart of the Old City. Everything was close – the boardwalk along the Dufferin Terrace, the artists on the rue du Trésor, and the funicular down to Petit Champlain. There is no parking at the hotel, but valet service is available if you don’t want to park your car at one of the garages in town yourself.

placedarmes2Then there was the question of style. The Auberge Place d’Armes is a boutique hotel composed of a 17th and 18th century home that were modernized and united. There is plenty of exposed brick and stone; each room is decorated in a unique manner with eclectic furnishings, but the amenities are fully modern. There is no elevator, but they will take your luggage to and from your room at check-in and check-out.

placedarmesAt first we weren’t sure how we would stay out of each other’s way. Our suite had a Queen-sized bed and a Murphy bed that pulled down from the wall, but we were rather cheek-by-jowl with our beds nearly touching. I’d gotten used to suites where the second bed had a little more privacy. Also, the Murphy bed was so heavy that I left it down for the whole time that we were there rather than struggling with it, which ate up a lot of real estate. Another aspect of the suite that surprised us at first was the shower. It was separated from the living room by a glass wall, but a heavy velvet curtain gave us complete privacy. I would suggest that the suites would be more suited to parents with a young child, rather than three adults.

placedarmes3One of the aspects we liked best about the Auberge was the breakfast in the restaurant downstairs, Le Pain Béni. Breakfast was included and we had our choice of anything on the menu, including juice and coffee. We enjoyed everything we tried – from classics like scrambled eggs and bacon to the breakfast pizza. Our waitress (we had the same lovely young woman every day, but one) was sweet and attentive and took impeccable care of my parents. We also ate dinner there one night, but we found the meal a little pretentious in its presentation and lacking in a distinctive flavor.

imageUne auberge (oon owebersj) mean “an inn.”  Historically, une auberge was located in the countryside and provided shelter for horses, a good meal, and a comfortable bed. At the Auberge Place d’Armes the horses have been replaced by valet parking, but the sense of fine hospitality is unchanged. If you are going to Quebec and want a break from the same-old same-old chain hotels, I highly recommend the Auberge Place d’Armes to you.

51YLcuFtT8L__SL75_Fodor’s Montreal and Quebec City 2014

About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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