imageBaby, it’s C-O-L-D outside. It’s the kind of cold when the snow crunches beneath your feet as though you are squeezing the life out of it. It’s the kind of cold when your nostrils stick together when you breathe in. It’s Canada cold – my ultimate comparison when my colleagues in New Jersey would complain about the “cold.” Now that I’m living in New England, it’s that kind of cold. The temperature gauge on my Mini Cooper reads -6 Fahrenheit (-21 Celsius) when I drive to work. And that’s not including the wind chill. What was I thinking?

Today’s word is engoncé (ohn-gohn-say), which means “bundled up.” I took this photo in 2009 on a trip to Paris in the spring with students. As you can see, it wasn’t exactly warm. This bundled up lady had the chilly job of controlling access to the upper level of the towers of Notre Dame. She generously allowed me to take her photo to encourage future students to pack more wisely on school trips.

How many days until spring? And engoncez-vous! (Bundle up!)

61pLqAcuFvL__SL75_Paris in Love

About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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3 Responses to Engoncé

  1. Cielle says:

    I enjoy all your posts, and have almost commented before, but must I must chime in today! I’m a Washingtonian (as in Washington State), living as an East Coast transplant (Upstate New York–as in near the Canadian border); I did not grow up with C-O-L-D. In my native Pacific Northwest, A Winter was cold if it froze (32F/0C) at night! My Winters now include stretches of DAYTIME SUBzero temps (F and C)! En fin, the heated seats in our MINI Cooper are heavenly; on the highest setting, the warmth even makes it through many layers of clothing–my ENGONCÉ-ness! Stay Warm!!!

    • Merci Cielle! I’m so glad to meet another reader. Guess which dummy didn’t opt for the heated seats in her Mini? Enjoy yours and think of me!

      • Cielle says:

        De rien, Patricia! Donc, there were only two MINIs available when we were looking, and they both had the heated seats. Will send seat-warmth vibes your way, for sure! Merci for your heart-warming blog!

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