Déboutonner la mode

expo-paris-deboutonnez-la-mode-arts-decoratifsNormally, I have a pretty awesome summer job in Paris. This year, the company I work for needs me in St. Andrews, Scotland instead. It’s a great opportunity, but I’m going to miss spending about six weeks in Paris. As a pretty fine consolation prize, my husband and I are going to spend two weeks in Paris when the program in Scotland is over. It’s going to be our thirtieth anniversary in September, so we’re starting the festivities a bit early.

paris-exhibition-shows-off-the-beauty-of-buttons-1423567629We’ve found an apartment in the Marais and I’m starting a list of what interesting exhibits will be on while we’re in town. I thought I would share them with you in case a super-low Euro is tempting you to the City of Light and you might also enjoy visiting some of these exhibits. I’ll be writing about them in the order of which ones are closing first.

cire-sur-metal-peint-fin-xviiie-sDéboutonner la mode (day-boo-ton-ay lah nowed) means “Unbuttoning Fashion.” Les Arts Décoratifs is a great museum next to the Louvre on the rue de Rivoli side and they always have great exhibits. This one is all about the lowly button; it features more than 3,000 examples as well as over 100 items of clothing from top designers of today and long ago. The buttons date from the 18th century and are made of precious materials by highly skilled artisans. The exhibit is open now and it will close on July 19.

rubon1382While we’re there, we will also want to check out Trésors du sable et du feu (tray-zor due sab-luh ay fuh), “Treasures of Sand and Fire,” held in a different wing of the museum. This exhibit of more than 600 pieces of exceptional glass and crystal, has pieces that date from the Renaissance to the present. There are pieces that illustrate the progression of the art and techniques from cultures around the world. Art Nouveau pieces from France are particularly well represented. This one is open until November 15.

61TplyBdSSL._SL75_ The Paris Style Guide: Shop, Eat, Sleep

About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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5 Responses to Déboutonner la mode

  1. ddoosterhoff says:

    Thank goodness you’re in St Andrew’s in summer! What a bone-chilling, damp place in the winter!

  2. St Andrews is lovely for its wild coastal scenery, although you can walk across it in 10 minutes which will be wildly different than Paris! I spent a week there and we had beautiful weather. Check out the secret bunker just to the south of Saint Andrews where the government hid out a team in case of nuclear attack during the second world war. If you get desperate for shopping there’s always Edinburgh, and Dundee used to be good for antiques and flea markets and probably still is!

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