Five on Friday 9

I’m now home from Paris. The time always flies when I’m there! The last week of the Program was so busy that it wasn’t possible to post to the blog.

Here are my francophile recommendations for the week:

  1. Fashion Forward: 3 siècles de mode (1715 – 2016) – While I did enjoy the similarly-themed fashion exhibit at the Palais Galliera, this one was even better. The clothes were set up in vignettes along with decor items to complete the setting. Near the end, there was a grouping of wax models on a circular staircase, reminiscent of the famous Chanel boutique. In the next room, there was a series of oversized circular stairs with mannequins sporting looks from more recent decades. The juxtaposition of the two staircase displays was quite stunning. The exhibit will be on until August 14.
  2. Le Parc aux cerfs (50 rue Vavin, 75006) – I was my boss’s guest at this charming restaurant around the corner from where I work when he passed through Paris. Not only does he have great taste in employees but also in restaurants. The decor is charming (but you will be sitting very close to your co-diners!), including a delightful tiny courtyard where we ate. I had an appetizer and main course for about  35 Euros. The appetizer was simply delicous – a mélange of avocado and shrimp and for my main course I also selected a beautifully presented fish dish. I didn’t want to pull out my camera and take photos, so I went back on my last day in Paris for a light lunch of an appetizer and dessert. And it even has a beautiful orange cat named Marcel who freely roams, accepting love from all diners.
  3. Marseilles – Netflix commissioned this political thriller series, starring Gerard Depardieu, about an over-the-hill mayor and his ambitious young protegé turned political rival. Marseilles, France’s second largest city, is a perfect setting for a series about drugs, crime, and corruption since the news is regularly filled with stories that sound just like the plots. It’s not a flawless series, but it is an engaging way to work on listening comprehension skills, even though some of the words aren’t appropriate for polite conversations! A second season is in the works.
  4. Français Authentique – Frenchman Johan has applied what worked for him in his own language learning journey to help people master his native tongue. There are ample free resources or you can buy some of his content.
  5. Resultime by Collin – I went to CityPharma when I was in Paris for a new eye cream. I must have looked as tired as I felt because the consultant took one look at me and marched me over to the Resultime by Collin, Paris display. She tried to press about 400€ of products into my caddy, but I did go with the eye cream. The active ingredients are collagen for firming, hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, and caffeine for de-puffing. Since I started using it, I haven’t been attacked with products by any more beauty consultants. So there you go – scientific proof that it works.

About Patricia Gilbert

Patricia Gilbert is a French teacher. She's Canadian, lives in the United States, but dreams of living in France. Follow her on Instagram @Onequalitythefinest and on Twitter @1qualthefinest.
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2 Responses to Five on Friday 9

  1. Thank you! Always love your movie recommendations, so going with that series! I didn’t learn the word cerf until I saw a chipotle cerf panini on a menu in Quebec. I guess I didn’t have a reason to use it that often in France! 🙂

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