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Une décoration de Noël

Since we’re going to spend Christmas in Paris, I decided not to decorate our home for the holidays. I love my collection of ornaments; putting them out is fine, but putting them away afterward is (yawn) a real bore. Still, … Continue reading

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Five on Friday 2

Well, the verdict on the new format was positive, so here we go again with a round-up of francophile recommendations: Artist makes the Louvre Pyramid disappear – I am looking forward to seeing this when I get to Paris in … Continue reading

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Five on Friday 1

I have to confess, I’ve been feeling a little ambivalent lately about continuing the blog.  I thought I would experiment with a different format for the summer to shake things up a bit. One post a week will be the … Continue reading

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Faites-moi tout ce que vous voudriez

When I was in Paris with my students, I sometimes had a few hours free in the mornings while they were in immersion classes. One morning, I went to an exhibit at the Palais Galliera entitled La Mode Retrouvée dedicated to … Continue reading

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Déchéance (day-shay-ahnse) is a hot topic in France these days. It refers to rescinding French citizenship to those who were naturalized as citizens after immigrating. It is currently only available as a punishment when people who hold two citizenships and … Continue reading

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Volez, Voguez, Voyagez

My mother-in-law had occasion to travel extensively by sea and by air during the heyday of glamorous voyages. There were porters, matched sets of hard-sided luggage, and ample legroom. She is wont to bemoan the falling standards of today’s travelers. … Continue reading

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Montrer patte blanche

Since the horrific events of November 13, I keep hearing the expression montrer patte blanche (mohn-tray pat blahnsh), which literally means “to show white paw.” Figuratively, it means to identify yourself, often by presenting proof through documents. In the new … Continue reading

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