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Garçon avec un chat

When I was in the Met on my way to the Grand Illusions exhibit, I was stopped in my tracks by a black and white photo of a boy with a cat entitled Garçon avec un chat dans les bras appuyé … Continue reading

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La Frayeur

I made a quick trip to New York City recently over a slightly longer than normal weekend. Although I love living in New England, I really miss the bustle and options that abound in New York. My trip to the … Continue reading

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I went to an interesting exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh entitled Photography: A Victorian Sensation. It just opened a couple of weeks ago and will continue until November 22, 2015. The exhibit was full of multimedia … Continue reading

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La retrospective

The must-see exhibit in Paris this winter is a freebie at the Hôtel de Ville dedicated to 150 photos of Paris by the prestigious members of the Magnum agency. Paris Magnum, la retrospective (par-ee man-yum lah ret-ro-spek-teev) is open from December 11, 2014 until March 28, … Continue reading

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Un délai

Un délai (uhn day-lay) is a false cognate. It looks and sounds like “a delay” in English, but it means “a time period.” For example, un délai de deux semaines means “for a two week period.” The confusion between un … Continue reading

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I love the word gazouiller (gaz-oo-ee-ay). This mellifluous word means “to chirp” or “to cheep,” when it refers to birds, “to babble,” when it refers to babies, and “to gurgle,” when it refers to a brook or stream. This is a photo … Continue reading

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Un Aide-mémoire

The exhibit that I liked the best while I was in Paris this summer was Paris Libéré, Paris Photographie, Paris Exhibé at the musée Carnavalet in the Marais. Although it’s particularly pertinent right now, as Paris was liberated 70 years … Continue reading

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