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Le courage, c’est de chercher la vérité et de la dire

When I was a student in Tours, the teacher who gave us an orientation visit around the city told us that virtually every city and town in France had a square or street named after French Socialist leader Jean Jaurès, just like … Continue reading

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On January 13, 1898, Émile Zola blew the lid off the Dreyfus affair with his J’accuse letter. Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish French military officer wrongfully tried, convicted, and sentenced to penal servitude for espionage. Zola’s letter, printed on the … Continue reading

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Les petits ruisseaux font les grandes rivières

Maurice Garin, winner of the Tour de France, 1903 The Tour de France was born on November 20, 1902 and it had highly unusual parents: the Dreyfus Affair and newspaper rivalry. Alfred Dreyfus was a French military officer accused, convicted, and … Continue reading

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