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Mademoiselle de Joncquières

  I saw a very good French film on Netflix this week. The English title is Lady J, but the French title is the much more difficult to say Mademoiselle de Joncquières.  This 2018 film was based on an 18th … Continue reading

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Quai d’Orsay

I’ve had a bit of a crush on Dominique de Villepin since his speech before the U.N. in 2003. He is eloquent, handsome, and suave. What’s not to love? Well, possibly quite a lot. Last week, I watched a hilarious … Continue reading

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Elle me dit

I got t-h-i-s close to Fanny Ardant a couple of years ago. She was sitting outside at a café on St. Germain de Prés and I was helping an American tourist find his hotel. “That’s Fanny Ardant!” I whispered, scarcely … Continue reading

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Le fils de l’épicier

Here’s a film recommendation for you – Le Fils de l’épicier (luh feese duh lay-pea-sea-ay), which means The Grocer’s Son. I got it to show to my French IV class, but I’ve fallen for it myself. It’s the story of … Continue reading

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Paris Ouest

My summer home is in Paris’s 6th Arrondissement. Paris is divided into 20 such sub-groups, each with its own mayor. More importantly, each Arrondissement has its own personality.  The wealthiest Arrondissements are the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 16th. Along with … Continue reading

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Sa mémoire est une vraie passoire

French actress Annie Girardot died this week, just a few months shy of her 80th birthday. One million people stood in the streets yesterday to see her funeral cortège pass by on its way to Père Lachaise cemetery. She made … Continue reading

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À prix d’or

Last night, I went to see Sylvain Chomet’s animated film The Illusionist (L’Illusioniste) on its opening day for general release in the United States. Today, it was nominated for a César, France’s equivalent of an Oscar. A coincidence? I think … Continue reading

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