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Une fleur bleue

Delacroix was arguably the greatest painter of the Romantic era. The musée Delacroix is located where the artist had his studio in a quiet courtyard on rue de Furstenberg near all the chic cafés on the Boulevard Saint-Germain des Prés . Right now, … Continue reading

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The biggest news on the art scene in Paris this month was the December 12 opening of the Louvre annex in Lens. This relatively small community in the Nord-Pas de Calais is joined to Paris by the high-speed train, the … Continue reading

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C’est dans le besoin qu’on reconnaît ses amis

French Impressionist painter Jean Frédéric Bazille was born on December 6, 1841. His wealthy family lived in Montpellier, in the south of France. He was inspired to pursue painting after seeing Eugène Delacroix’s work, but his family wasn’t too supportive. … Continue reading

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Le Radeau de la Méduse

The painter of one of the most famous works of the Romantic era, Frenchman Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault was born on September 26, 1791. He abandoned his formal art studies to copy masters at the Louvre for five years. He was also … Continue reading

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Faire un dessin

The Morgan Library in New York has a special exhibit entitled David, Delacroix, and Revolutionary France: Drawings from the Louvre open now until December 31, 2011. The exhibit features 80 drawings made between 1789 and 1852 by the best French … Continue reading

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Un objet parfaitement beau comporte un parfait simplicité

Eugène Delacroix, the greatest of the French Romantic painters, was born on April 26, 1798. His most famous painting is the monumental La Liberté guidant le peuple, see Vouloir, c’est pouvoir. It’s an allegory of the French people resisting in … Continue reading

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Le tout Paris

  Félix Nadar, born April 6 1820, was the pseudonym of Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, an early French photographer. He was the first to take aerial photographs, for which he used a hot air balloon. Nadar was also the first to experiment … Continue reading

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