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La flânerie

This last day of our trip to Paris was entirely fortuitous. We had been booked to fly out that morning, but a strike necessitated that we fly out the next morning. Ah, shucks. An extra day in Paris. Day 5 … Continue reading

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My current bed-side table reading is The Whole Fromage: Adventures in the Delectable World of French Cheese, by Kathe Lison. The Wisconsin native set off on a cheese odyssey across France to find out the secret of what makes the … Continue reading

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Le Roi Citoyen

Quick. Name the last French king. If you said Louis XVI, you’d be wrong. The final king of the French, Louis Philippe I, was born on October 6, 1773 and reigned from 1830 to 1848. He was a young man … Continue reading

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Sous le manteau

My brother forwarded me a link to a story about an audacious group of French POWs who escaped from their camp during World War II. I grew up watching Hogan’s Heroes, a comedy about a group of international POWs who … Continue reading

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L’essence de toute intelligence est de connaitre et d’aimer

Several years ago, I developed a serious case of envy for the life of author Vicki Archer. In My French  Life, Archer recounts the story of her family’s move from Australia when they purchased a 17th century mas, or farmhouse, … Continue reading

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L’homme est né libre

I’ve been writing about the replicas of the Statue of Liberty you can find throughout France. Last time, I was focusing on those in Brittany. Switching to the other side of the country, to Roybon, near Grenoble, you will find … Continue reading

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La liberté est choix

I’ve been writing about the many other Statues of Liberty found throughout France. Another copy is in the south of France at Saint Cyr-sur-mer. It’s one of the reduced-size models originally cast by Bartholdi. A rich local man, Anatole Ducros, … Continue reading

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