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En prendre de la graine

Recently, a huge fall source book arrived from Restoration Hardware. When I say huge, I mean 615 pages! Flipping through, I was struck by two things – the commitment to handcrafted quality and the French influence.  When I typed “French” … Continue reading

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Se foutre en l’air

Charles Boyer, born August 28, 1899, appeared in more than 80 films and received 4 Academy Award nominations.  He got his start as a stage actor in Paris. Boyer’s film career picked up once sound film started, as his resonant voice … Continue reading

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Être libre comme l’air

August 25, 1944 marked the liberation of Paris. This was part of Operation Overlord that began on June 6, 1944 with the Normandy beach landings. My uncle, Bertie McComb, died in this battle, and my husband’s uncle, Gordon Scott, was … Continue reading

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La rentrée

When I was a kid, I loved back to school time. I loved getting my school supplies organized. This was the time when I got two new pairs of shoes at Kiddie Kobbler – one pair for dress, one pair … Continue reading

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Une vie de chien

Carole Bouquet, model for Chanel, Bond girl, and gossip column favorite, was born on August 18, 1957. She’s been in about 40 French films, but none received international distribution. Most people will only remember her for appearing opposite Roger Moore … Continue reading

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Dans ses cordes

The other day, I talked about René Goscinny on his birthday. August 17 is the birthday of one of his important collaborators, Jean-Jacques Sempé, usually known just by his last name. Sempé was born in 1932 in Bordeaux, France. He … Continue reading

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Avoir quelque chose dans le buffet

René Goscinny was born in Paris on August 14, 1926. He is famous as the writer or illustrator of some of the world’s most popular comic book series, including Astérix and Obélix, Lucky Luke, and Le Petit Nicolas. The son … Continue reading

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Le peché mignon

Well, my time in Paris is over and I’ve finished my two intensive grad courses, albeit through a haze of jet-lag. I haven’t had time to blog since the beginning of the month and look at what’s happened; stock markets … Continue reading

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Se taper la cloche

I can’t recommend La Compagnie de Bretagne crêperie, 9, rue de l’École de médecine, highly enough. It’s only been open for a month, so I feel like I’m onto a new thing for once, instead of catching on to something … Continue reading

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Les deux font la paire

Bread & Roses, 7, rue de Fleurus, is a classy little café just steps away from the Jardin du Luxembourg. It’s the kind of place where you can read a book over a pastry and coffee without being hustled out … Continue reading

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