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Le bilan

So, our delightful, impetuous trip to Paris is over. Here’s le bilan (luh beelahn), or assessment, of what we did. Day 1 We arrived in Paris mid-afternoon and checked into our super-budget lodgings. The MIJE is a hostel that caters … Continue reading

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Famed Parisian department store, Les Galéries Lafayette, has unveiled its 2013 holiday windows. Here’s a video clip summarizing the spectacle. In a race against the clock, Frédéric Lourau, the Visual Identity Director, and his team work from January to November … Continue reading

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Bazar de luxe

One part glamorous department store, one part tourist attraction, les Galeries Lafayette are celebrating their 100th birthday. It’s the second most visited building in Paris, right behind the Eiffel Tower. Yes, it often seems crowded when I’m there, usually during … Continue reading

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Faire les soldes

Hier, j’ai fait les soldes. (eyair sjay feh lay sould) Yesterday, I hit the sales.  For many years in France, big clearance-type sales have only been permitted semi-annually, at the end of June and in January, each time lasting for … Continue reading

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