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Un realisateur de films

A few years ago, I took a course on Napoléon. Our final day was dedicated to watching the monumental five hour epic about the Corsican general directed by Abel Gance. The professor grew misty-eyed when rhapsodizing about Gance’s brilliance. Gance, … Continue reading

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La vérité est en marche et rien ne l’arrêtera

French writer Émile Zola was born on April 2, 1840.  When his widowed mother moved from Aix-en-Provence to Paris, Zola joined her. He was soon joined by childhood friend Paul Cézanne, who painted the portrait, above. Mama Zola wanted her … Continue reading

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On January 13, 1898, Émile Zola blew the lid off the Dreyfus affair with his J’accuse letter. Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish French military officer wrongfully tried, convicted, and sentenced to penal servitude for espionage. Zola’s letter, printed on the … Continue reading

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