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Montrer patte blanche

Since the horrific events of November 13, I keep hearing the expression montrer patte blanche (mohn-tray pat blahnsh), which literally means “to show white paw.” Figuratively, it means to identify yourself, often by presenting proof through documents. In the new … Continue reading

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Plus cigale que fourmi

The city of Nantes, in western France, was chosen as “the most livable in Europe” a few years ago. It’s a very pretty city, poised between Brittany and Les Pays de la Loire. Some of my favorite spots there are … Continue reading

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La plus forte passion, c’est la peur

Jean de la Fontaine died on April 13, 1695 at the age of 74. He is most famous for his fables in which animals illustrate the folly of human ways. Eighteenth century linguist Silvestre de Sacy said that la Fontaine’s … Continue reading

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