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Grande invitation, petites portions

I recently saw a cute French movie on Netflix, Le Chef, staring Jean Reno and Michaël Youn. The premise is that Reno’s character is a celebrity chef who may be a bit off his best game. Youn’s character is a … Continue reading

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Mondialement connu

  Few French actors are recognized by North American audiences, but Jean Reno is a notable exception. He was born Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez on July 30, 1948 in Casablanca, Morocco. His Spanish parents had fled Franco’s regime and eventually … Continue reading

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Rira bien qui rira le dernier

French humor doesn’t always translate well into another culture. Even when I understand all the words, I don’t always understand why on earth someone would think the movie is funny. Case in point, I just finished watching Les Visiteurs, a … Continue reading

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