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Tout est perdu sauf l’honneur

King François I, the original Renaissance man, was born on September 12, 1494. During his formative years, ideas from the Italian renaissance were percolating across the border, which greatly influenced the education of the young man. When François took the … Continue reading

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Casser la tete à quelqu’un

The Château d’Amboise traces its roots to medieval times. It was appropriated by the crown in the 15th century when Louis d’Amboise was convicted of plotting against the king. The French kings really liked Amboise and invested extensively in renovations … Continue reading

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Aucun château n’est imprenable

The Château de Chambord is the largest of the Loire Valley castles. Although it has a keep, corner towers, and a moat, they were all for show and served no defensive purpose. This 440 room hunting lodge – yes, hunting … Continue reading

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Se jeter dans l’eau

On August 21, 1911, the Mona Lisa, known as La Joconde in France, was stolen from the Louvre. What’s even more amazing is that the theft wasn’t noticed for a full day. If you’ve been to the Louvre in recent … Continue reading

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