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Les Peintures

I finished another book I’d been slowly working my way through, thanks to the necessity of staying at hime for social distancing. Les Peintures, by Thérèse Burollet, provides a description of every painting, listed by the artists’ last name, in … Continue reading

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Le siècle d’or de l’éventail

I think I’m now the greatest expert on 18th century French fans in the Boston area. I just finished reading Le siècle d’or de l’éventail: du Roi Soleil à Marie-Antoinette (luh see-ek-luh dor duh lay-ven-tie), which means “The Golden Century of … Continue reading

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Venice is a city that has always drawn me the same way that Paris does. Until June 25, 2017, you can virtually visit Venice during Carnaval at the musée Cognacq-Jay, a small but delightful museum in the Marais that always has … Continue reading

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L’essor des boissons exotiques au XVIIIe siècle

Raise your hand if you had a cup of coffee today. How about a cup of tea? Or does your taste run to something a little sweeter like a nice rich hot chocolate? If Thé, Café ou Chocolat are an … Continue reading

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La flânerie

This last day of our trip to Paris was entirely fortuitous. We had been booked to fly out that morning, but a strike necessitated that we fly out the next morning. Ah, shucks. An extra day in Paris. Day 5 … Continue reading

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Siècle d’or de l’éventail

Our favorite exhibit during our weekend in Paris was not one we’d planned to see, but one we happened upon. We were supposed to fly out on Sunday morning, but an airline strike canceled our flight. We were re-booked to … Continue reading

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On n’a rien sans rien

One of the gem-like little museums in Paris is the musée Cognacq-Jay. This free museum is run by the city. It’s located on a quiet side street, rue Elzévir, in the Marais. The museum houses the collection of Théodore-Ernest Cognacq … Continue reading

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