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Un florilège

Le Petit Palais, in the heart of Paris has two shows dedicated to 18th century art on now through July 9, 2017. One is Le Baroque des Lumières featuring the best paintings from Parisian churches and the other is De … Continue reading

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Une Citation digne d’être citée

Well, my vacation in Paris is drawing to a close. We had a wonderful time. The weather  cooperated – not too cold and mostly dry. The skies were almost solidly gray, which did make it much more difficult than normal … Continue reading

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En plein-air

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m off to Paris again for a good chunk of the summer. When I have time off from my job as the Director of a study abroad program, I want to have plans … Continue reading

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Une Nocturne

While my summer job in Paris was quite different than normal, I did have a few opportunities to get out to see some exhibits and do a little shopping. One of the exhibits that I had wanted to see was … Continue reading

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Bavarois au cassis

This is my second installment of the summary of our recent trip to Paris. Day 3 I wasn’t sure if my husband would like the Alaïa exhibit, but it was a big hit. He analyzed each of the outfits as … Continue reading

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La gloire d’Anvers

Another exhibit up for consideration during our long-weekend in Paris is Jordaens 1593 – 1678 : La gloire d’Anvers (lah glwar danver), “The Glory of Anvers”. In the seventeenth century, the top names in Flemish painting were Rubens, Van Dyck, and Jordaens. … Continue reading

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Le plus beau est à venir

So many of the great photographers – past and present – are French : Atget, Cartier-Bresson, and Doisneau to name just a few. Lately, I came across a name that was new to me on Pinterest only to discover that I’d … Continue reading

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Pierre qui roule n’amasse pas mousse

One of the prettiest places to have lunch in Paris is the garden café inside the Petit Palais. It’s a great place to come after an exhibit, but you can also enjoy the peaceful setting any time the museum is … Continue reading

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Le Titan à l’oeuvre

Have you ever noticed that once you are introduced to a new person or place you begin to run into references to your new discovery everywhere you turn? That’s what happened to me this summer. I learned about Misia Sert … Continue reading

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