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Le père de nous tous

The musée du Luxembourg is managed by the French Senate. As one might expect from the name, it is housed in a building adjacent to the Senate in the Palais du Luxembourg,  built by Marie de Medici. It features regularly … Continue reading

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Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles

If you’ve ever said, “It was so surreal,” you’ve been echoing Guillaume Apollinaire, born August 26, 1880, poet, writer, art critic, and yes, surrealist, who coined the term. His mother was a Polish immigrant and his grandfather was a commander … Continue reading

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Il faut qu’une porte soit ouverte ou fermée

The Musée d’Unterlinden is the cultural highlight of Colmar. It’s housed in a former convent that dates back to the 13th century. Like all religious buildings in France, it was closed at the time of the Revolution. In 1849 it … Continue reading

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Dans la nature

  Henri Julien Félix Rousseau was born on May 21, 1844. His style is referred to as primitive or naïve, as in his self-portrait above. Like many artists and writers, he had a day job to pay the bills, in … Continue reading

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